Over 3000000 corona cases registered worldwide

More than 3 million coronavirus cases have been recorded worldwide, about half of them in Europe, according to latest international media reports. A total of 207,094 deaths have been reported among the 3,003,229 cases. In Europe, the hardest-hit continent, there are 1,115,555 declared infections and 207,094 deaths. In the United States, the country where the virus is progressing most rapidly, there are 2,993,262 cases including 206,915 fatalities. Nearly a quarter of the global deaths have been reported from the United States, where President Donald Trump lent his support to protesters rallying against lockdown orders. Evidence is mounting that social distancing successfully slowed the pandemic after more than half of humanity — 4.5 billion people — were confined to their homes. Governments around the world are now grappling with when and how to ease lockdowns that have crippled the global economy, even as the COVID-19 death toll climbs further in hard-hit countries. Demonstrators in three US states staged public rallies this week to demand an end to the restrictions, with the largest protest in Michigan attracting 3,000 people — some of whom were armed.

Trump has largely left decisions on easing lockdowns to state officials even as he laid out guidelines for a staged reopening of the national economy.

But his call to “liberate” Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia in a series of tweets Friday were quickly rebuked by the Democratic leaders of all three states.

The United States accounts for nearly a third of over 3,003,229 coronavirus infections reported globally.

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