Death toll rises to 60 and 100 injured after train mows crowd at India festival

A speeding Indian Railway passenger train ran over a crowd watching fireworks throughout a religious pageant in India yesterday, killing a minimum of 60 folks and leaving 100 injured.

Hundreds of folks were look the burning of an image of demon Ravana during the Hindu festival of Dussehra in northern Punjab state when the train stricken.

The passenger train hit the group standing and sitting on the railway line to look at a fireworks show during evening celebrations, police and eyewitnesses same.

Hardeep Singh, chief medic for Amritsar, told afp 59 deaths had been confirmed and 90 folks had been injured.

They didn’t hear the incoming train that previously did not stop after the accident on the outskirts of Amritsar, a town in Punjab state.

Police told the BBC that more than sixty folks are killed and a hundred injured.

A police official said: ‘There was lots of noise as firecrackers were being let off and it appears they were unable to listen to the approaching train.

An spectator told an area TV station there was ‘utter commotion’ when the crowds noticed the train ‘coming terribly fast’ towards them.

He said: ‘Everyone was running helter-skelter and suddenly another train crashed into the crowds of individuals.

A law officer said: ‘The folks were sitting on and close to the tracks on the outskirts of Amritsar watching the burning of effigies as a part of the Dusshera festival once a passenger train ran over them.’

ANI press agency according that an witness at the scene said the train that ran over folks was motion at a high speed.

India is home to many railway crossings that are unmanned and notably accident prone, with motorists often ignoring oncoming train warnings.

Nearly 15,000 folks die on the country’s railways yearly, according to a 2012 government report.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter: ‘The tragedy is heart-wrenching.

‘My deepest condolences to the families of these who lost their loved ones and that i pray that the injured recover quickly.’

While accidents are comparatively common on India’s sprawling rail network, Friday’s was among India’s deadliest in recent years.

In 2016, 146 folks were killed once a train softened off railroad tracks in eastern India.

Another witness told BBC that folks were “mauled” by the train. “I removed the bodies from the tracks… my hands were filled with blood.”

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh reportedly launched an inquiry to seek out out why the permission to carry the event was granted despite its shut proximity to the tracks.

He conjointly called the incident “absolutely tragic” and will provide free treatment to all or any the injured.

Reuters is coverage that a state of mourning has been declared and offices and schools in Punjab are going to be closed whole Sat.

The Associated Press contributed to the current report.



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