Indonesia earthquake: death toll rises to 1,234 as desperation mounts among survivors

Palu, Indonesia’s death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that stricken on Fri has up to 1,234, according to Indonesian government officials.

The figures come back after the bodies of 34 students were found in a destroyed church that was hit by a landslide throughout a bible camp in the mountainous Sigi Biromaru region.

The Indonesian government has begun mass burials for victims – most found in the town of Palu.

Four days once the quake, survivors have said they have been forced to loot from outlets as supplies haven’t been arriving in several stricken areas.

The community of Balaroa has received no government facilitate and anger is simmering among its residents.

Many people are believed trapped under shattered homes in the space, where the earthquake caused the bottom to heave up and down violently. One official delineated the twisted buildings and rubble as looking just like the city had been “blended”. I and regarding 50 others in Balaroa were able to save ourselves by riding on a mound of soil that was getting higher and better, resident Siti Hajat told MetroTV, adding her house was destroyed.

At the last accessible gasoline pump in city, crowds gathered around a single, overworked attendant. In his hands was a large wad of money almost too huge to grip, the product of hours spent pumping fuel.

Money though is of very little use when their is nothing left to shop for. All normal services in the town have ceased to control. shops have either been destroyed or left empty, and food is scarce.
Roads to Palu a city of 350,000 folks – stay partially blocked and aid has been slow to trickle in. Indonesian vessels carrying food and water has still nevertheless to arrive.

Reports of looting are widespread, as groups of survivors search deserted buildings for essential supplies. On Tuesday, newsman witnessed military personnel chasing would-be looters out of an empty food market.

Amid the long watch for supplies and aid, the desperate search continues for survivors with reports of quite 700 homes buried below a mudslide during a nearby city, that still remain unexplored.
An official from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent described things on the ground as “nightmarish.”

Five days on from the first tsunami waves bloody into town, bodies of victims remain unburied on the aspect of the roads. during a public cemetery on the outskirts of town, staff still dig a mass grave the scale of a football pitch in a trial to bury as several bodies as quickly as attainable.

Almost two hundred bodies are during this pit alone, with a lot of still being added each hour. a few ID cards lie on the ground next to the pit, however not all bodies have been known before they were ordered to rest.

According to the United Nations almost 200,000 individuals are currently in need of urgent help.

On Mon night four more earthquakes measuring between 5.0 and 6.0 magnitude hit Republic of Indonesia near Sumba Island over 700 miles far from north Sulawesi where Friday’s quake stricken.

The initial earthquake measured 7.5 on the Richter scale, levelling buildings, causing landslides and destroying roads. It triggered a tsunami with waves measure up to 6m (20ft) high.

Victims in many areas as well as Sigi and Balaroa are yet to be counted, meaning the death toll is expected to rise any.

The Indonesian air force confirmed a Hercules craft carrying an unspecified number of survivors was ready to leave Palu for South Sulawesi’s capital of Makassar.

More than 100 law enforcement officials from the capital, Jakarta, were sent to Palu and extra Hercules aircraft carrying troopers and supplies, including food and water, from east Java were on the way, local tv reported.

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