Zayn Malik Spotted Out After 41-Year-Old Masseuse Claims To Have ‘a secret sex session’

Zayn Malik has been noticed out in ny when claims surfaced over the weekend that he had slept with a 41-year-old massager while he was split up with Gigi Hadid earlier this year.

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Over the weekend, Enrica Petrongari dropped a kiss and tell, claiming that she had been employed to massage Zayn Malik which the pair had ended up hooking up multiple times.

She told the tabloids, Zayn Malik might get any lady he desires and he was with Gigi, who is clearly incredibly stunning. so i used to be pretty surprised when he targeted his attention on me a 41-year-old lady with curves.

He told me he likeable ladies with huge a**es. He created me feel special. however after a minute I realised that he was simply victimization me.

Enrica Petrongari said she was shocked to find herself the target of Zayn Malik’s attention when he split from “incredibly beautiful” Gigi Hadid.

The former burlesque dancer discovered the singer pestered her for selfies of her bum and spoke of his need to have a threesome with her.

The try had a sex session at Zayn Malik’s £10million flat in ny  having 1st met there just two weeks when he broke up with supermodel Gigi, 23. Italian Enrica told The Sun on Sunday: “Zayn Malik might get any woman he desires and he was with Gigi, who is clearly improbably stunning.

Zayn Malik, 25, and Gigi were in an exceedingly relationship for 2 years before they broke up in March. They returned along again in the summer and recently appeared on the cover people Vogue.

Holistic healer Enrica first visited the sixth-floor flat in New York’s Soho neighbourhood once being booked by Zayn’s PA Taryn Zimmerman

Enrica Petrongari revealed however their fling supposedly began, once she was booked to provide holistic medical care by Zayn Malik’s PA, and she or he visited the singer at his ny flat, “Zayn Malik was terribly tired and was in the sleeping room sleeping. I recognised him straight away as he’s therefore famous. it was pretty surreal.

His home is very fashionable. there were eight multi-coloured Play­Station controllers lined up on the table and design for his music on the walls. Zayn Malik’s assistant called me back after 2 or 3 hours.

I went to his sleeping room and we had a massage session. He said he was terribly tired and stressed. He told me to return back the next day. “He told me I required to be at liberty and not nervous around him. I found him very enticing and he has a nice body.His tattoos are very horny. i was afraid that he would have an interest in me, but flattered.

Enrica Petrongari additionally claims that they exchanged numbers and he sent her a series of horny messages asking for photos of her, He told me he didn’t care regarding the massages any longer he simply wanted me here. we had loads of fun. however afterward he would seem rude and disinterested. we ne’er really simply enjoyed time together.”

Zayn, who at twenty five is sixteen years younger than Enrica Petrongari, is said to have begun the fling simply two weeks once he and Gigi Hadid split up in March, however the couple finished up getting back along this summer.

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