Australia offers Indonesia support following deadly tsunami and earthquake disaster

Canberra, September. 30 – The Australian Senior officials has offered Republic of Indonesia whatever help it needs to recover from a deadly tsunami that rocked the state. more than 400 folks were killed and some 500 injured when a strong earthquake caused the tsunami, which struck the island of Sulawesi on Fri.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday said he had reached out to Indonesian President Joko Widodo to pledge his support. If he wants our help, he’ll have it, Morrison told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Morrison visited Indonesia in August only days when becoming prime minister. during the visit, officers concluded negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) between the neighbours. Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition Australian labor party, reaffirmed Morrison’s support.

Labor stands with the govt in providing whatever support is required to assist the people of Indonesia recover from this tragedy, he said.

Australia has offered Indonesia no matter help the country needs as it responds to the natural disaster.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Indonesian President Joko Widodo overnight to precise his sympathies and pledge support. If he desires our help, he’ll have it,” Mr Morrison told the ABC’s on Sunday, describing the rising death toll as horrific.

Australia’s deep sympathies and issues and our readiness to stand with them and support them as needed, he said. They haven’t asked for any of that, but the President was very appreciative of Australians’ empathies.

But it is the remote parts of the country and the next challenge will be, as you recognize, when you have these disasters that it can compound very quickly.

So providing support as needed to secure the scene and confirm that issues don’t deteriorate additional, i feel will be a big challenge. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the Sulawesi disaster was significantly tragic as a result of it came therefore presently when last month’s Lombok earthquake.

Labor stands with the govt in giving whatever support is required to assist the people of Republic of Indonesia recover from this tragedy, he said. Australia should think about all available choices to assist in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy, furthermore as longer term help to support the folks of Sulawesi to rebuild their homes and infrastructure.


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