Watch Live: Kavanaugh responds to allegation of sexual assault from Christine Ford

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, judge Brett Kavanaugh, came out swinging within the early moments of his testimony to senators, saying, “This confirmation method has become a national disgrace.”

Christine Blasey Ford said she was “terrified” however delivered powerful testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning her accusation that judge Kavanaugh sexually maltreated her.

Immediately after the hearing adjourned, President Donald Trump tweeted that “Judge Kavanaugh showed America specifically why I nominated him.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham exploded across the pulpit in an outburst uncommon even for a extremely partisan body. “What you want to try and do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020,” he said.

Republicans deferred their questioning time of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to a veteran attorney, Rachel Mitchell. Democrats used their inquiries to make broad points concerning the integrity of Republicans’ investigation, the treatment of the victims of sexual violence within the us and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford particularly.


Even Republican senators who have chosen to remain comparatively tight-lipped have said some regarding things. John Kennedy of Louisiana who has stumble upon jointly of the most broad-minded Republicans sitting on the committee today told the new york Times that “I don’t recognize that this is about to be a battle of truth as much as it’s about to be a battle of memory. 36 years may be a long, long time. My mind doesn’t work, my memories don’t work like a file wherever I will just retrieve them and, boy, there it’s. after I try to remember to college or highschool, there are gaps. I attempt to fill them in. but I can’t tell you that’s always the reality.”

This maneuver –the grandfatherly, gaslighty, hand-on-the-small-of-your-back, listen-dear-you-probably-just-read-the-situation-wrong kind  is certainly a additional politically sharp way of dismissing ladies who accuse men of sexual abuse than outright calling them liars. however is it any less toxic?
After riveting testimony from Dr. Blasey, judge Kavanaugh took his flip before the Senate Judiciary Committee to proclaim his innocence — and outrage.

He opened the second half of the high-stakes hearing with a scorched-earth defense, denying he had ever sexually abused somebody and denouncing a “frenzy” bent on destroying his nomination.
He condemned Democrats who he said had looked for reasons to sink him weeks before, only to show to dark accusations. He pointed back at implanted liberal grudges, going back to the presidency of Bill Clinton and the success of President Donald Trump as proof of the animus. And he warned of dire consequences for the judicature in decades ahead if nominees face a path like his.

And when he recounted his daughters praying last night for Dr. Blasey, he broke down in tears.
“My family and my name have been altogether and permanently destroyed by vicious and false further allegations,” he told the committee. however he vowed never to withdraw.
“You might defeat me in the final vote, but you may ne’er get me to quit,” he said. “Never.”

When Ford was asked what she most remembered concerning the night she alleges Brett Kavanaugh sexually abused her, she said, “The uproarious laughter between the 2 and them having fun at my expense… i was beneath one among them while the two laughed, 2 friends having a really good time with each other.”

What stricken me when I heard that was the ultimate a part of the sentence. two friends having a decent time with one another, as if there were no different human there, as if the lady were an object without internal life, or a part of the scenery – it’s a familiar description of rape. And what’s therefore shocking is how quickly the Christine Blasey Ford case became all concerning politics between men again: male senators, shady artful performer campaigners propulsion her strings, White House officials, President Trump.

All too usually  and altogether areas of life, not just where allegations of sexual abuse are involved  ladies notice themselves pleading with men just to appear at them as if they’re human beings. Today, we’re looking one lady play that same previous tune in front of 17 men and 4 ladies. how smart do you suppose her odds are?

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