Judiciary Committee Democrats walk out of Brett Kavanaugh hearing in protest Before Kavanaugh Vote

Approximate half of the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee walked out of Fri morning’s meeting in which Republicans decided on party lines to schedule a vote on Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.

Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Kamala Harris, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Mazie Hirono left the room after Republicans blocked Democratic efforts to subpoena Kavanaugh’s highschool friend Mark judge, who was reportedly a witness to the alleged assault of Christine Blasey Ford. Sen. Patrick Leahy soon followed, and staff for sen. Cory booker of new Jersey reportedly left the room as well.

As the committee, with eleven Republicans and ten Democrats, set its vote for 1:30 p.m. some Democrats left the room in protest. “What a railroad job,” Democratic senator Mazie Hirono said.

A committee vote to approve Kavanaugh would pave the approach for a final dialogue and vote on the Senate floor in the coming days, maybe as early as Tues.

Gop committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said he found the testimony from each Ford and Kavanaugh “credible,” however added, “There’s merely no reason to deny judge Kavanaugh a seat on the Supreme Court on the basis of proof given to United States.”

The timing of the panel’s session gave committee members little time to review Thursday’s extraordinary testimony from Kavanaugh and Ford, who suspect him of sexually assaulting her after they were highschool students in 1982. Kavanaugh forcefully denied the accusations and suspect Democrats of a “calculated and orchestrated political hit.”

That was somebody who was aggressive and belligerent. I actually have never seen someone who needs to be elevated to the very best court in the country behave in this manner. In stark distinction, the person who testified yesterday and demonstrated a balanced temperament was Dr. Ford,” Feinstein said.
Another Democrat, Amy Klobuchar, noted that Grassley had thanked Ford for her bravery however even so did not back any further investigation.

Hirono voiced her objection to the choice before walking out, saying, “This is simply whole ridiculous. What a railroad job. My answer is not any, no, no!” Harris and Cory booker both stayed silent in protest of Republicans’ handling of the meeting.
Harris later tweeted, calling the hearing a “sham” and said that “Dr. Ford and the american folks deserve higher.”

Ranking member Dianne Feinstein, who remained within the room, told the remaining members of the committee that she “hoped we’d do higher and show ladies that our country, our committee, has of course changed. This is not a political battle for power, as some have said.

This is a significant undertaking with serious allegations. while the Republican strategy is not any longer attack the victim, it’s ignore the victim. the whole country is looking at now how we handle these serious allegations.”

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