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Deborah Ramirez is 53 years of age. She was raised in Connecticut and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. Her husband, a science employer engineer whom she’s been married to on account that 2007. They live in Boulder, Colorado.

Deborah Ramirez after Christine Blasey Ford  the 2nd female to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Ramirez studied sociology and psychology at Yale University. She was Kavanaugh’s classmate and graduated in 1987 collectively with Brett Kavanaugh.

Deborah is a board member and volunteer at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, an agency that helps home abuse victims.According to a record in The New Yorker, Ramirez has alleged that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her whilst at a university celebration at Yale University in Connecticut.

The alleged incident, in accordance to the file in The New Yorker, took location for the duration of the 1983-1984 school yr when Ramirez and Kavanaugh reportedly attended a dorm party.

Ramirez, a freshman at the time, said that she was once invited by a pal on the school’s women’s soccer team to a dorm room party at the college’s Lawrence Hall, a student house hall.

Ramirez’s account, she and a number of college students have been enjoying a drinking game, causing her to come to be intoxicated quickly. She alleges that a male student, whom she believes was Brett Kavanaugh, uncovered himself to her during the party as different college students started laughing at her and taunting her.

She said she pushed the male student away after he pressured her to touch his genitals. Ramirez said she can still keep in mind him standing beside her and pulling up his pants. Ramirez admitted that there were gaps in her reminiscence given the reality that she was intoxicated at the time, however still expressed self belief that it was indeed Brett Kavanaugh who exposed himself to her.

Brett Kavanaugh has denied the sexual misconduct allegations made by way of Ramirez. The first female to accuse  Kavanaugh of sexual assault was Christine Blasey Ford.

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