Read Andrea Constand’s Powerful Impact Statement as Cosby sexually assaulting in 2004

Bill Cosby was once sentenced for 3 to 10 years in a Pennsylvania country jail on Tuesday afternoon, which will optimistically convey some quantity of closure to the many ladies who have accused the comedian of assault over the years.

The victim in the case that resulted in Bill Cosby’s conviction, Andrea Constand, has bravely instructed the story of how Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted her many times in the lead-up to this day. As phase of the sentencing hearing, she submitted a prolonged written influence announcement in which she details how the assault has deeply affected her life, while thanking these who have supported her alongside the way.

The truly recognize the affect that sexual assault has had on my life, you have to apprehend the character that I was earlier than it happened.

At the time of the assault, I was once 30 years old, and a fit, confident athlete. I was once robust and skilled, with notable reflexes, agility, and speed. When I graduated from excessive college in Toronto, I used to be one of the top three woman high college basketball gamers in Canada. Dozens of American schools lined up to provide me basketball scholarships, and I chose the University of Arizona.

For 4 years, I was a shooting protect on the women’s basketball team, scoring up to 30 factors a game. It used to be an remarkable time in my life, and I realized a lot, developed a circle of surely proper friends, many of them teammates, and traveled around the U.S. to compete.

The only draw back was once that I overlooked my family, and developed severe homesickness. When it started out to affect my research and my training, my Dad got here up with the concept to cross his very own father and mom to Tucson.

My grandparents have been in their late 60s when they gamely agreed to pass extra than 2,000 miles to assist me regulate to existence away from home. They were retired after promoting their Toronto restaurant business, and figured the warm, dry local weather would suit them anyway. I had usually loved a unique relationship with my grandparents. Not only had I grown up in their home, however I spoke Greek earlier than I spoke English. They received an apartment close to mine, and I was there most days, speaking and laughing over my preferred home-cooked meals. The homesickness rapidly evaporated.

After I graduated from the University of Arizona with a diploma in communications, I signed a two-year contract to play expert basketball for Italy. Going pro took my athletic coaching to a total new level. Once again, I thrived in the team atmosphere, and loved visiting Europe even though we rarely noticed extra than the basketball venues and the hotel rooms the place we slept.

When my contract ended, my former train from the University of Arizona motivated me to observe for a job as Director of Operations for the women’s basketball team at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was once a busy, difficult function that required me to manage a lot of logistical small print so that others could focus on education the team for competition. I additionally made all the journey preparations and went to tournaments with the group and help staff.

It was a extraordinary job however after a few years, I knew I desired to pursue a careering in the recovery arts, my different passion. I additionally desired to work closer to home, where I would be reunited with my large, prolonged family and friends.
I knew who I was once and I preferred who I was. I was at the top of my game, positive that the groundwork provided by using my education and athletic coaching would stand me in properly stead anything challenges lay ahead.

I no longer play basketball however I strive to remain fit. Mostly, I exercise yoga and meditation, and when the climate is warm, I like to pedal my bike up lengthy steep hills.

It all feels like a step in the right direction: away from a very dark and lonely place, towards the individual I was once earlier than all this happened.

Instead of searching back, I am looking ahead to looking forward. I desire to get to the area where the person I used to be meant to be receives a 2nd chance.

I recognize that I still have room to grow.

I would like to renowned some of the human beings who have helped me get here today. I will usually be grateful for their counsel, friendship and support.

First of all, my attorneys Dolores Troiani and Bebe Kivitz. These two smart, brave female have been there for me because the beginning. Without them, I would never have been capable to navigate this legal and emotional minefield.

I will additionally be forever grateful to Kevin Steele, the District Attorney for Montgomery County, who had the guts to agree with in me, in the truth, and for trusting that the justice system may want to get matters proper ― even if the method had to be repeated.

I also want to thank Mr. Steele’s excellent team of professionals, which includes assistant district attorneys Kristen Feden and Stewart Ryan, detectives Richard Shchaffer [sic], Mike Shade, Harry Hall, Jim Reape, Erin Slight, Kiersten McDonald, victim services, and many others, for their passion for justice, their skill, and their difficult work and perseverance regardless of the odds.

Thank you to the jurors for their civic responsibility and excellent sacrifices.

Thank you to all of the friends, old and new, who have stood by me. You understand who you are, and every and each one of you has made a large different. Please understand that.

Last but not least, I choose to thank my outstanding family: my mom Gianna, and my father Andrew, my sister Diana, her husband Stuart, and their beautiful daughters – my nieces Andrea and Melanie. Thank you for proving over and over once more if there’s one factor in my lifestyles you can usually count on, it’s family.

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