North Carolina: National Guard Soldier Returns From Hurricane Relief Efforts, Finds Home In Shambles

Flood waters from hurricane Florence are leaving quite an fishy situation in North Carolina.

As flood waters from the hurricane begin to recede a lot of a week once the storm created landfall, 1st responders on Saturday came upon many dead fishes on a stretch of interstate forty that had been hit hard by flooding.

“Well, we are able to add ‘washing fish off of the interstate’ to the long list of attention-grabbing things firefighters get to experience!” the Penderlea fire department said during a Facebook post.

The fishes were discovered on a stretch of the interstate close to Wallace, placed about 40 miles northwest of Wilmington, where the storm created land fall.

“Hurricane Florence caused huge flooding in our area and allowed the fish to travel removed from their natural habitat, stranding them on the interstate once waters receded,” the fire department said.

A residence Ocampo shares the house along with his girl friend, Kailey finch, and one-year-old son, reports WSOCTV. The theft took place on weekday night when finch wasn’t at home. A shocked finch said she couldn’t perceive why anyone would rob their house.

The family believes that robbers might need entered through a back door and looted the place. Police officers said that variety of things had been stolen from Ocampo’s house, including a gun, a large TV, a gaming system, a laptop computer Ocampo uses for school assignment and even some specialty coins and jewellery.

A North Carolina town inundated by river water when a levee broken is among the latest cities to feel the life-threatening punch of hurricane Florence.

Benetta White and David lloyd slogged through waist-deep water to flee once Cape Fear river water came gushing into their yard late Thursday. They came a friend’s pickup and were eventually driven out on a vehicle.

They were among one hundred people evacuated with helicopters, boats and high-wheeled military vehicles throughout a six-hour operation in southeastern North Carolina’s Bladen County that lasted into Friday morning.

Officials in North and South Carolina warn that the flooding danger is much from over, with South Carolina ordering evacuations there as rivers rise. a minimum of forty three people have died since the hurricane slammed into the coast over a week ago.


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