Jamie Foxx, 50, and Katie Holmes, 39, look happy as they leave a hotel in Georgia only two

Together in less than one week Katie Holmes 39, and Jamie Foxx 50 is a new record for the most on the quiet couple in Hollywood. They were spotted feat his hotel in Atlanta on Sept. 18, wherever the 50-year-old actor is motion-picture photography his new moving picture simply Mercy.

The 39-year-old mother of 1 was all smiles, looking so happy to be spending time with her truelove of 5 years. He was quite the gentleman also, carrying her rollaway suitcase and her black outsized purse.

The couple smiled as they left their hotel in Atlanta, Georgia while side-by-side on Tuesday. He has been in city to shoot his moving picture simply Mercy.
The on-again try are qualitative analysis for over 5 years.

The singer was seen serving to his actress girlfriend – best known for Dawson’s Creek and batman Begins – with her baggage.
The new york resident wore a black prime with blue, red and yellow stars and hearts all over also as a decent pair of skinny jeans and boots.

The couple has been dating for years, however they need kept their relationship unbelievably personal. A rep spoke out about their relationship for the first time over the summer to shoot down reports of a breakup.

While she was within the ATL, Katie and Jamie created absolute to keep up with their fitness, touch an area gymnasium along on Sept. 17. They were photographed in their exercising clothes and got their sweat on together.

The pair was 1st coupled in 2013 and haven’t formally spoken regarding their romance or created any public appearances as a couple. the only time they end up on camera together is via a photographer with an extended lens. They’ve gone for such long stretches without being seen together that there are breakup rumors along the approach. then again they get papped and prove that their love is still going sturdy.

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