New Amy Winehouse Documentary ‘Back to Black’ Offers Revealing Commentary From Mark Ronson, & More

Seven years have passed since Amy Winehouse tragically died, however there is no sign of the currently legendary singer being forgotten any time shortly. Fans still gather to commemorate her matchless talent, the media still reports on her father’s antics, and her fascinating life still evokes filmmakers.

Case in point: an coming documentary, Amy Winehouse – Back to Black, follows her as she recorded her final studio album, that catapulted her to international superstardom and icon standing.

For the title track, Amy Winehouse reveals within the film that on her time off she’d play pool all day within the pub and hear doo-wop and ’60s Detroit woman teams on the jukebox, that influenced her. Ronson says he was inspired by the music she contend him and came up with the piano part for “Black to Black” and more the drums and tympan. “She came to the studio at hour and he or she was instantly, ‘Oh, cool. I love it. Let Pine Tree State go write one thing to that,’” he recollects.

“I didn’t extremely question the lyrics,” he says. “The solely thing, as a producer, you think everything ought to rhyme as a result of that’s pop structure, and i remember once she showed me the chorus in ‘Back to Black’ – ‘We solely said goodby in words/ I died one thousand times’ – i used to be like, ‘Do you’re thinking that that’s weird? must you modification it?’ She checked out me a bit bit dumbfounded like, ‘Why would i change it? that’s what came out. this is honesty on a piece of paper.’”

There are equally interesting tidbits for all the songs. For “Love is a Losing Game,” Ronson knew Amy Winehouse unloved strings, calling them “hammy” and “schlocky… thus I reasonably did them, not really behind her back however thought, ‘Let me do some strings behind her back laughs and perhaps she’ll adore it,’” he says, as the song plays within the background. “She was listening to the combination for the first time along with her head down on the desk for the complete song so I couldn’t read her reaction then she simply turned ’round and said, ‘I love it.’”

“I wrote an album that I’m extremely happy with about a dangerous scenario that I got through, and that’s just about where it begins and ends for me,” says Amy Winehouse, who was 27 once she died and would have celebrated her thirty fifth birthday last week, within the short trailer.
It also options bonus footage of ‘An Intimate Evening In London’, a never before seen non-public concert for alittle group of friends, family, and music business figures that was recorded at Riverside Studios in West London in Feb 2008.

Unlike Amy, the devastating 2015 documentary directed by Asif Kapadia, the new film can solely be accessible on optical disk, Blu Ray and digital from 2d Nov and will not get a cinema release. If you saw and weeped over Kapadia’s critically acclaimed film, that won the oscar for Best Documentary in 2016, this new release may be a must-see.

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