Anna Eshoo first to hear Ford’s story: ‘It was difficult for her to retell her experience’

The first time Ford told her story to a member of Congress, she spoke softly and clogged up at times, displeased by the memories she was sharing.

But she did not seem nervous  and during a pin-drop quiet room, she vividly described being attacked by Brett Kavanaugh once they each were highschool students 3 decades agone in suburban Washington, D.C.

“What she was certain of, she was positive concerning,” that congressman, town Democrat anna Eshoo, same in an interview Tues, describing the mid-july meeting once Blasey Ford shared the story that currently threatens to bring down President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. “At the tip of the meeting, I told her I believed her.”

The next time she faces members of Congress, the palo alto University professor are stepping into a political maelstrom faraway from that safe, confidential conversation over low, tea and cookies. On Tuesday, Blasey Ford’s lawyers same she is receiving death threats and can speak before the Senate Judiciary Committee as long as the Federal Bureau of Investigation 1st conducts an investigation into her claims, that it’s so far declined to try to to. Brett Kavanaugh has vigorously denied her story and has said he’s ready to testify.

She had known as my office and requested an appointment an arrangement|a briefing a rendezvous thus she may meet with me. and so it had been the first time we’d ever met each other.=. we Sabbatum right at this table, right during this room, here in this office. i feel she was in all probability nervous, i feel you know the title is somewhat discouraging, however clearly she had each reason, she had thought it through. She created the decision. She wished to come back in and meet with me. after I flew back from DC that week, the appointment was started and that we met.

She was terribly intelligent, soft spoken. it was very apparent to me she was scarred by the expertise she shared with me. we met for nearly an hour and a half. I asked her several queries, she was forthcoming. it was troublesome for her to retell her expertise, and that i secure her that privacy would be fully revered and that this was a secureplace and all of my constituents get pleasure from that.”

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