Virginia Beach police respond to officer-involved Suspect dead police say

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A port man suspected of assaulting a girl was shot and killed by an official early Tuesday morning at the virginia beach formation, police say.

Virginia Beach police said officers were sent to the Mayflower flats on thirty fourth Street simply after 1:30 a.m. once somebody called 911 and reported witnessing a person assault a woman.

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018, shows virginia beach police at the scene of an officer-involved shooting at the formation. Police said the suspect of an alleged assault was shot and killed.
The suspect ran from the apartment complex and crossed Pacific Avenue, consistent with police.
Responding officers were flagged down by a witness, are told them the suspect was armed with a gun and provided them with an outline of the suspect additionally as a direction within which he fled.

Police haven’t discharged names of the officer, the person who was shot or the woman who was abused . She was taken to the hospital and suffered injuries that are not grave, police said.

The officer, who was placed on body duty, wasn’t wearing a body camera. The cameras haven’t been given to officers at the Second city district yet, police said.

There will be a three-pronged investigation involving the commonwealth’s lawyer, internal affairs and therefore the homicide unit, Pierce said.

Eddie Williams, who lives within the Mayflower, said he saw the person attack the woman and tried to intervene.

The 35-year-old, who used to work for the corporate that published The repoter, said he detected screams coming from the corridor and detected a woman yell, “Help me.” Stepping out, he saw the person attacking the girl with a crowbar.

“From the time they hit the corner, I might hear them saying ‘Stop, get on the bottom,’” Williams said. He detected shots, then a pause, then additional shots.

Several those that live on different floors of the apartment complex awoke to the news, and didn’t hear something overnight. One said blood was still on a first-floor door once he left within the morning.

Williams has lived there since June and said nothing like this is going on before.

Sid Bridge, a interpreter for Harbor cluster International, that owns The Mayflower, said in an email that 330 people live in the building and therefore the woman was a resident, however the man police shot wasn’t. Bridge said there are not any security cameras in the hallways but a “courtesy officer” was on the property.

Elsa Hite said she was preparing to leave a friend’s apartment on the tenth floor once she detected a woman screaming on the eleventh floor. once she went out, Williams told her to decision 911, so she did.

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