German spy chief removed after migrant chase video fallout

The government call came amid a row over Mr Maassen’s response to far-right unrest in chemnitz, eastern germany.Anti-migrant “hunts” were according there on twenty six August when a German man was killed during a brawl with migrants.

Mr Maassen doubted that foreign-looking folks had been hounded. Chancellor Angela Merkel was urged to sack him.Critics said his skepticism downplayed the seriousness of far-right violence and intimidation in chemnitz.

Mr Maassen can leave the BfV spy service and become a state secretary within the interior ministry. German media report that he can truly move to a better pay grade. it’s not nonetheless clear who can replace him.

The announcement came tuesday evening following a crisis meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel, Social Democrats (SPD) leader Andrea Nahles and Seehofer, and was wide seen as a compromise resolution designed to appease each the SPD, that had entailed Maassen to travel, and Seehofer, a staunch defender of the spy chief.

“The alleged agreement on Maassen may be a joke,” Florian Post, an SPD lawmaker in state, told the RND newspaper group in germany. “Either the person is fit to hold high workplace or he is not.”
Families Minister and SPD lawmaker Franziska Giffey condemned the move and entailed Seehofer to travel, according to Reuters.
The Social Democrats were joined in their anger by politicians from the Green Party, Left Party and the liberal FDP.

FDP leader Christian Linder delineate the decision as a “formulaic pseudo solution,” whereas Green Party chairwoman Annalena Baerbock expressed concern that Maassen had become Seehofer’s “right-hand” man.

Neither Merkel nor Seehofer nor SPD chairwoman Andrea Nahles, who met on weekday evening to determine Maassen’s fate, faced reporters once the choice was declared. That was most likely a calculated move, as the compromise has been greeted with scorn by opposition politicians and press analysts alike.

“This is an incredible fudge,” wrote Green Party parliamentary leader Katrin-Göring Eckardt on Twitter. “Anyone who rewards instead of enabling disloyalty and cozying up to the AfD has lost all sense of what is right and wrong. and the SPD goes together with everything.”

“What qualifies Maassen to be a new deputy in Seehofer’s ministry?” asked the Left Party on Twitter.

“Maassen’s promotion is simply a solution on paper,” declared Christian Lindner, chairman of the center-right FDP, on social media. “Either you trust him or you do not.”

For its part, the AfD has taken the efforts inside the coalition to remove Maassen as an effort to stifle criticism of Merkel’s migrant policy, with party co-leader Alice Weidel tweeting “Merkel, not Maassen, ought to go!” The party is additionally promoting the hashtag #wirsindmaassen  “we are Maassen.”

Migrant activist teams reacted to Maassen’s lateral move with dismay. The media have mostly dismissed the compromise as a move born of political expediency; Die Welt newspaper noted acidly, “The coalition will continue  perhaps it’ll even be able to govern some day.”


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