Christine Blasey Ford say FBI investigation before testifying in Senate about Brett Kavanaugh accuser

Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Trump Supreme Court campaigner Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her once the 2 were teenagers, desires the Federal Bureau of Investigation to research the alleged incident before she testifies ahead of the Senate.

Ford’s lawyers, during a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, same their client’s life had been vertical by going public together with her allegations against Kavanaugh, which an Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation should be the 1st step. The Federal Bureau of Investigation usually conducts background checks for federal court nominees.

As her lawyers noted in their letter, Ford didn’t intend to go public together with her allegations against Kavanaugh until her story was leaked. (Kavanaugh has denied the allegations.) only then did she decide to conduct an interview with the reporte. Her lawyers noted she has received death threats and she and her family have had to move out of their home as a result.

“While Dr. Ford’s life was being turned the other way up, you and your staff scheduled a public hearing for her to testify at a similar table as judge Kavanaugh ahead of 24 United States Senators on national tv to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident,” the letter states (a spokesperson for the Judiciary Committee has denied that Kavanaugh and Ford would have Saturday at the same table, according to source.

“While no sex crime survivor should be subjected to such an ordeal, Dr. Ford desires to join forces with the Committee and with law enforcement officers,” the letter continued . “As the Judiciary Committee has recognized and done before, an Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation of the incident should be the 1st step in addressing the allegations.”

President Trump said tuesday he’s not in favor of an Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation concerning the allegation, either.

“I don’t suppose the Federal Bureau of Investigation really ought to be concerned as a result of they don’t wish to be involved,” Trump told reporters throughout a gathering with Polish President Andrzej Duda. “If they wanted to be, i’d certainly do that, however as you recognize they say this can be not really their factor.”

The committee had regular a hearing for Monday on the alleged incident when a letter surfaced last week, however that could now be in question.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Ford wrote a confidential letter to california Democratic sen. Diane Feinstein detailing the assault allegation. Feinstein said she turned the letter over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kavanaugh, who was nominated by Trump to fill the seat left vacant by the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, has denied the assault ever happened, and said tuesday he appearance forward to testifying concerning it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was originally regular to require a vote this week on Kavanaugh’s nomination when concluding confirmation hearings last week, but currently it’s unclear when, or even if, that may happen.

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