Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Unveils Her New Line, Instant Pot Is NOT Cute, Sorry Not Sorry

Ree Drummond has an nearly cult-like following. known as the Pioneer lady to her millions of fans, the ‘Food Network’ star seems to be realistic, personable, and simply an comprehensive nice gal. This makes what I’m about to say simply a titch more unpleasant for each of us — y’all her new Instant Pot isn’t cute.

“It brought back the memories of the sadness that we all were experiencing once my mother-in-law died,” Drummond says. “We were ultimately therefore glad that we determined to pay tribute to her on one of our episodes as a result of she’s been on the show since 2011. And there area unit a lot of people that need to know her and love her.”

Last week, the Food Network star shared a heartfelt diary post explaining why she wanted to share the private loss her family practised.

I know, I know, you’re in all probability thinking, “How dare you utter one negative word concerning something this sacred girl touches.” And thereto I say, “Have you seen them?” also, you should probably stop reading currently because you’ll not like where this can be headed.

Drummond additionally revealed how they seen Nan’s illness was terminal on Mother’s Day.

“At that point, whereas we had been given no timeline, i feel we all assumed that we were looking at 2 or 3 months,” Drummond writes. “We couldn’t have imaginary that in below period of time, she would be gone.”

Drummond, WHO recently declared she is adding Instant Pots to her lineup at Walmart, says Nan’s mother ought to watch the special episode about her female offspring.

“It was sad. I cried once I watched it, but in the finish it was beautiful,” she says. “It was just a pleasant little tribute.”

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