Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon’s political feud Twitter War with Debra Messing

Padma lakshmi is standing together with her friend Susan Sarandon.

After the Thelma & Louise actress, 71, revived her feud with Debra Messing and received additional backlash from commenters criticizing her support of a third-party candidate within the 2016 presidential election, lakshmi urged followers to consider others’ opinions and lay off Sarandon.

“I’ve known @SusanSarandon for a decade,” Lakshmi, 48, tweeted on Fri. “There are very few actresses who are such dedicated humanitarians and activists. rather than vilifying somebody for endorsing a 3rd party candidate in 2016, why not target what you’re doing in your community to make change?”

“STFU SUSAN. Oh yes, PLEASE let’s offer Trump CREDIT. I mean however else are you able to walk out on the street. convert yourself that that this CATASTROPHE of a President who you same was higher that HRC isn’t ripping children faraway from parents seeking asylum, holding children,” Messing tweeted.


The women continuing to swipe at each other through retweets. Messing retweeted a tweet that read: “[Sarandon] looks perfectly happy at the suffering of others. children in cages.”


Sarandon continuing to stand up for her comments to selection, writing “I understand why @Variety’s clickbait headline would be upsetting, however once you truly watch the video, you’ll see that’s not what I same. currently that you’re stunng up, use that energy to call Collins, Murkowski & those Dem Senators still on the fence & tell them to #StopKavanaugh”, relating the ongoing confirmation hearings for the new Supreme Court Justice.

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