Shootings In Bakersfield, Gunman kills 5 before killing himself in Southeast Bakersfield, third-deadliest shooting this year

Sept 12  – An unidentified gunman shot and killed his wife and four other people in a series of shootings on Wednesday in Southern California before taking his own life, police said.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said that he then shot a man at the trucking business before shooting and killing his wife.

He then chased another man from the trucking company before he shot and killed him in front of a nearby sports store.

Following the shooting, he then chased a person who witnessed the shooting to the front of Bear Mountain Sports where he shot and killed the witness, Youngblood said.

The man then fled the area to Breckenridge Road where he confronted two people at a domestic and fatally shot them. He left the domestic and then hijacked a nearby vehicle with a girl and toddler internal at Fillmore Avenue. The lady and child made it out safely and were capable to break out from the vehicle, Youngblood said.

The man then drove to Edison Highway where he was confronted via a deputy.

When confronted, he became the gun on himself and killed himself.

In all, five victims and one suspect are dead.

According to Gun Violence Archive, this would be the third-deadliest shooting in the U.S. this year behind Parkland and the shooting at Santa Fe High School.

Sheriff Youngblood also said that the officer who confronted the suspect was wearing a body camera, however officials have not seen the footage as of yet.

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