The woman who helped kidnap Elizabeth Smart will be released from prison next week

The wife of the man who helped kidnap Elizabeth Smart from her bedroom 16 years ago will be released from custody on Sept. 19 after more than a decade behind bars, sources confirms.

Wanda Eileen Barzee wasn’t expected to be free for a minimum of another 5 years.
However, the utah Board of Pardons and Parole same it hadn’t attributable her sentence within the state system with the time she served in federal jail.
As such, Barzee, now 72, can leave jail september nineteen.
Barzee and her husband, Brian David Mitchell, were guilty of abducting good, then 14, at knifepoint from her Salt Lake town bedroom in june 2002.
Smart was found 9 months later, walking down a street within the suburban area of Sandy with Barzee and Mitchell, a drifter and self-described prophet who referred to as himself Emmanuel. He had done some fixer work on the Smarts’ home.
Just when her abduction, Mitchell took her to a jungle behind her home and performed a mock wedding ceremony along with her, good later same. throughout the 9 months of her captivity, she was control captive in utah and California.

In a statement, Elizabeth Smart reportedly delineated Barzee’s release as “incomprehensible” and said she was “trying to understand however and why this can be happening.”

Soon when her arrest in 2003, Barzee told investigators that she power-assisted her husband, Brian David Mitchell, in seizure smart from Smart’s place Salt Lake town in June 2002.

Smart, then fourteen years old, was held against her will and often abused for 9 months.

Next week, Barzee can walk out of the utah prison house where she has spent the last 2 years. it’s been nearly 9 years since she pleaded guilty to kidnapping for her role in Smart’s abduction.

In Nov 2009, Barzee pleaded guilty to federal charges. In exchange for her plea, she agreed to cooperate within the state and federal cases against Mitchell, her husband.
The next year, she was sentenced to fifteen years in federal jail. She was discharged from a federal jail in texas after finishing her sentence in 2016 — and came to the Beehive State jail system to serve a state sentence.
That’s as a result of she had conjointly pleaded guilty in state court to tried kidnapping in association in a very plot to snatch Smart’s cousin.
The month once they seize good, Barzee and Mitchell attempted to interrupt into the house of Smart’s cousin but were unsuccessful, prosecutors aforesaid.
Barzee was sentenced to at least one to fifteen years in prison to be served concurrently together with her federal sentence.
On Tuesday, the parole board aforesaid she has currently completed each her sentences.
“Upon any review and recommendation from legal counsel, the Board should count time spent in federal custody toward Ms. Barzee’s state sentence,” the board aforesaid in a very statement. “Therefore Ms. Barzee’s state sentence ends on Sept nineteen, 2018.”
For her part, good detailed her nine-month-long ordeal in her book “My Story.” She is currently a baby safety activist.

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