California man arrested for trying to stab GOP Candidate, While Screaming About Trump

Alameda County police have arrested a knife-wielding man who reportedly attacked congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade after making “disparaging remarks” about the GOP.

The incident unpleated on Sunday as Peters, who is vying to represent California’s 15th congressional district within the House of Representatives, was visiting the Castro valley Fall competition. Police was alerted to the attack in one among the vendor booths at regarding 3:45 pm. As officers rush to the scene, the alleged stabber had already fled.

Citing accounts by eyewitnesses, police say that Fazel had been leveling “disparaging remarks” at Peters over his political affiliation and bashing alternative Republican officials

A verbal argument preceded a physical fracas, throughout that the suspect allegedly force out a knife and tried to thrust it into Peters. according to police, “no serious injuries” have resulted from the incident. the result of the brawl may need been worse had the switchblade not malfunctioned.

Fazel was on a run not for long and was situated and apprehended “a short time later” with the flick knife in his possession. He was taken into custody and charged with felony assault, criminal threat, brandishing a weapon and possession of a knife.

Peters is running against Eric Swalwell, the Democrat WHO presently represents the district. Swalwell praised the police for his or her swift action whereas denouncing the attack.

“I’m glad to listen to man. Peters is okay. however it’s never okay to use violence to settle political disagreements (or any disagreement),” Swalwell tweeted when the news of Fazel’s capture have surfaced.

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