Bob Woodward’s New Book Fear Takes on Donald Trump. Here’s What to Know About His History of White House

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear: Trump within the White House,” printed tuesday (by Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS), has attracted widespread attention for its depiction of a White House in chaos. Mr. Donald Trump has lashed out against the book, diversely occupation it “a joke,” “fiction,” and “a scam.”

The scenario, that former President Obama recently said “sure isn’t traditional,” has recently been highlighted by the publication of an anonymous new york Times op-ed, wherein a “a senior official within the President Donald Trump administration” paints an image of a secret coordinated effort to thwart the president, and by the buzzy publication on weekday of Bob Woodward’s new book Fear: Trump within the White House. The book  an account of chaos and mayhem within the President Donald Trump administration  has already created headlines.

Woodward, a Pulitzer-winning journalist, knows a bit one thing concerning reporting on a peculiar White House.

More usually than stealing documents, though, Porter “10 times” more often created up legal excuses not to do what President Donald Trump asked, Bob Woodward reported . cohn and Porter, in keeping with Woodward, then tried to attend out the president, hoping he’d simply dump the letters and documents they did not wish him to sign.

On Tuesday, Porter controversial Bob Woodward’s characterization as a “selective and often dishonest portrait” and seemed to suggest that Bob Woodward had somehow misconstrued what he had been told concerning the trade document. “The suggestion that materials were ‘stolen’ from the president’s table to prevent his signature misunderstands how the White House document review method works,” Porter said in a statement.

Bob Woodward won a Joseph Pulitzer Prize for his reporting within the Post on the Watergate scandal case in 1973, and a second for a 2002 new york Times section on the 9/11 attacks.

On Monday, in his initial live interview to push fear, Bob Woodward same on tv today that he sees President Trump is a threat to the country. the items a number of the items that President Donald Trump did and will jeopardizes the real national security,” he told host Savannah minstrel.

Bob Woodward’s attention adds more item to any list of possible parallels between the nixon presidency and the the President Donald Trump presidency however it’s also added a supply of difference. tho’ fear was released on Tues, it’s already been dismissed by President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump needed to fire James Comey early on within the administration.

Steve Bannon suggested him against it, saying, “Seventy-five % of the agents do hate James Comey. No doubt. the moment you hearth him he is J. f** edgar Hoover. The day you hearth him, he is the best martyr in yank history. A weapon to come and find you. they go to name a special f*ing counsel. you can hearth James Comey. you cannot hearth the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The minute you hearth him, the law enforcement agency as an establishment, they have to destroy you and they can destroy you.”

Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein written a three-page memo outlining his reasons for Comey to be fired. Later, Rosenstein appointed a special counsel, and the cable news coverage created Trump erupt into “uncontrollable anger, visibly agitated.”

In a match of paranoia, President Donald Trump said, “They’re out to get ME. this is often AN injustice. this is often unfair. however could this have happened? It’s all Jeff Sessions’ fault. this is often all politically actuated. Rod Rosenstein does not apprehend what the hell he’s doing. he is a Democrat. he is from Maryland.” Rosenstein is a Republican.

Meanwhile, Sessions, whose frequently been on the receiving end of the president’s public attacks, at one purpose told Bannon, “I’m never quitting.”

Meanwhile, when Bob Woodward and Bernstein were awarded the pulitzer in 1973, TIME rumored that the White House had a very totally different response to the duo’s then-ongoing news on outrage.

“Last week they rumored that as early as last December aides had warned Richard Nixon of a White House cover-up of the watergate case,” the TIME article says. “The Administration had no discuss the story — and no speech act of the Post.”

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