Trump Administration plans to shutter the PLO Office In Washington D.C.

The Trump administration is closing the Washington offices of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to try to pressure the Palestinians to come to the negotiating table ahead of a US-sponsored Middle East peace plan.

The State Department said the U.S. step  the latest in a series targeting the Palestinians  came after a review of the office of the PLO centered on the fact that no “direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel” are underway despite previous warnings.

The PLO is an official body that represents the Palestinian people. As reporter writes, the Palestinian Liberation Organization runs the Palestinian National Authority (PA), the semiautonomous government tasked with managing the Palestinian territories. (Fatah, the secular nationalist political party that’s dominated Palestinian politics for decades, controls the Palestinian Liberation Organization and PA.)

The Trump administration had told the Palestinians last November that closure could be expected unless they agreed to sit to down with the Israelis. The administration, however, has yet to release its own much-vaunted but largely unknown peace plan although it said it still intends to do so.

“The us continues to believe that direct negotiations between the 2 parties square measure the only method forward,” Nauert same in her statement. “This action shouldn’t be exploited by those that request to act as spoilers to distract from the imperative of reaching a peace agreement. we aren’t receding from our efforts to attain a long-lasting and comprehensive peace.”

She additionally same the closure call was per U.S. issues regarding Palestinian Associate in Nursing attempt|tries} to prompt an investigation of Israel by the International court.

National Security advisor John Bolton was expected to deal with Monday’s call in a speech later within the day centered on U.S. policy toward the ICC.

Palestinian official Saeb Erekat same the closure was “yet another affirmation of the Trump administration’s policy to together penalize the Palestinian people, as well as by cutting funding for humanitarian services as well as health and education.”

The Palestine Liberation Organization, ordinarily referred to as the PLO, formally represents all Palestinians. though the U.S. doesn’t recognize Palestinian statehood, the Palestine Liberation Organization has maintained in Washington a general delegation workplace that facilitates Palestinian officials’ interactions with the U.S. government.

Even though the US does not recognize Palestine as a state, the Palestinian Liberation Organization has maintained a diplomatic mission in Washington,  since the mid-1990s.

But in a statement Monday morning, the State Department blamed the decision to close the office on the Palestinian leadership’s unwillingness to participate in a yet-to-be-released Middle East peace plan, and their failure to “advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel.” It also linked the decision to Palestinian attempts to “prompt an investigation of Israel by the International Criminal Court.”

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