The Talk: Julie Chen skips premiere after husband Leslie Moonves finally canceled Moonves’ TV career

Fans who tuned in Monday for the Season 9 premiere of CBS’ “The Talk” saw a teaser that opened with the newest allegations against network CEO Les Moonves. The promo promised, “We’re talking about it.” Well, everyone that is, except for co-host Julie Chen, his wife of nearly Fourteen years.

Here’s more on that plus a few things you may not have known about their marriage including that when Julie Chen and Leslie Moonves started dating he was still married to his first wife, Nancy Wiesenfeld.

Leslie Moonves resigned when Sunday’s report from the New Yorker in which six new girls accused him of sexual misconduct and intimidation, additionally to the six whose stories the magazine printed on July twenty seven. (When “The Talk” came back on July thirty, subgenus Julie Chen was present however declined to debate the scandal on air, referring viewers to a Twitter statement expressing full support for her husband, who has denied the new allegations.

“All women’s stories matter, and these women’s stories matter,” she extra. “This is incredibly serious, and the applicable actions need to manifest itself. i’m happy once girls square measure detected as a result of for an extended time, they haven’t been.”

Rapper/actress Eve, who joined the solid in Nov 2017, chimed in, adding, “I’ve currently return to worry for everybody girl at this table, and this can be laughably difficult. I support Julie, and i am praying for her and praying for her family and simply causing her strength, as a result of this can be, it’s very really hard. and that i cannot wait, and that i hope and that i that we have a tendency to get to an area where we do not got to point out this any longer, wherever girls are equal, wherever these stories simply will not got to happen any longer.”

Co-host Sheryl undergrowth got visibly obstructed up as she tried to seek out a silver lining within the cloud: “Julie subgenus Chen, i do know is incredibly robust – a resilient girls, however i believe this can be a blessing from God to be unburdened from secrets and unshackled from lies which now’s the time for everybody to seem within themselves and become higher individuals.”

She added, “Today, we’ve got ought to perceive that girls square measure carrying this around. then you marvel, ‘Why i can not get a job?’ and say, ‘These things cannot happen.’ but today, we are saying enough is enough,” she said. “And today, we say, ‘We believe you, we have a tendency to hear you.’

“Hopefully, somebody’s gonna raise you for forgiveness and somebody’s about to say, ‘I got to be a much better person as a result of God let your eyes open today,’ ” she all over. “Do higher along with your life and ne’er return to this day, ever again.”

For his half, Moonves denied the new allegations and reflected on his CBS career during a statement issued to USA nowadays Sunday night.
“Untrue allegations from decades agone Maineasure} currently being created against me that aren’t in step with who i’m,” he said, career his career at CBS “an unbelievable privilege.”
“I am deeply saddened to be going away the corporate,” the statement continuing. “I would like nothing however the best for the organization, the recently comprised board of administrators and every one of its staff.”



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