Russian teen figure skating sensation Alexandra Trusova Sets New World Record

MOSCOW, Russian figure jock Alexandra Trusova set a brand new record on Thursday in brief program of the 2018 ISU International athletics Union Junior Grand Prix of ice skating, command in Lithuania’s urban center on Sept 5-8.

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The judges awarded seventy four.74 points for the short program performance of the 14-year-old figure jock from Russia.

The previous record in ladies’ Junior Grand Prix of ice skating belonged to Russia’s Pakistani monetary unit Shcherbakova, chalked up seventy three.18 points in Slovakia’s Pressburg last month.

According to the official web site of the ISU “Junior Grand Prix of ice skating Series started in 1997 (formerly referred to as the ISU Junior Series), it includes seven events and also the ISU Junior Grand Prix of ice skating Final.”

One of the key options of Trusova’s performances is that the abundance of subtle triple and quadruple jumps, that she typically executes in difficult combos. She achieved her 1st fortunate athletic competition at age eleven. 2 years later she perfect the Salchow. In 2018 she became the second lady within the world to perform a quad version of it.

In one amongst her coaching sessions for the 2017-2018 JGP Trusova managed to perform six consecutive triple jumps. when she handily won the championship, the sole issue she was upset regarding was that she did not perform the quad Salchow.

The star jock explains that her coaches perpetually raise a lot of jumps so she practices them plenty. She tries to appear directly into the eyes of the jury before playacting her most troublesome and spectacular tricks so they ne’er miss any detail of her utterly dead jumps.

The top score for a brief program among girls isn’t the sole record Trusova presently holds. She was the primary lady (both among her peers and more responsible skaters) to tug off a quad toe loop, 2 quads during a free athletics program and 2 totally different quadruple jumps during a program. She is additionally familiar for extremely difficult combos, things typically not dared by different skaters, like consecutive triple Salchows, loops and toe loops.

Trusova attained a technical score of ninety two.35 within the free skate for her outstanding performance, that may be a record for women’s singles (even for older skaters). She additionally holds the highest scores for junior-level short and free athletics programs and total score at the globe Junior ice skating Championships.

Trusova was born into a family of athletes. Her father was a master of sports in many martial arts and her mother was a track and field star. ahead of time Alexandra liked skating, however when she witnessed the performance by Russian jock Lipnitskaya at the Sochi Olympics she unreal of reaching a similar heights. when ever-changing many coaches she all over up with Eteri Tutberidze, a teacher to several notable young Russian skaters, together with Evgenia Medvedeva.

Even when winning many athletics championships, Trusova continues to be considering different choices for her future. She is especially curious about operating with animals, whereas at a similar time she strives to be the primary to interrupt new ground in athletics and needs to tug off quads altogether varieties of jumps.

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