Deepika Padukone tells women to stop trying up about battling depression

Mumbai- The beautiful actress of Bollywood  Deepika Padukone has never hidden her feelings and experiences of her battle with depression.

The 32-year-old actor says in their quest to be “perfect”, women at times stop thinking about their own well-being.

Recently, The Padmavati star shared that when she first went into depression there wasn’t much awareness on the topic and “even we weren’t familiar with what I was going through.”

“Women are constantly worrying about doing something for somebody else. It is really okay to take some time out for yourselves,” Deepika said.

“There was also this feeling that ‘Maybe we should not talk about it and keep it hush. So not only was there was a lack of awareness, there was also a lot of stigmas,” said the Om Shanti Om actress.

Deepika, who opened up about her battle with depression four years ago, said people should not shy away from sharing their stories as it helps and motivates others suffering from the same problem.

“Be honest and authentic. These area unit the 2 things that I learnt. after we talk {about|mention|cite|point out|refer|name|remark|quote|observe|bring up|point out|say|state} honesty about our thoughts and feelings, it is not like we’ve got to inform the entire world. I did it for a unique reason.
“I did it because I wished to assist people and save lives. In our own very little approach, if we are able to be honest by sharing our thoughts and feelings with the individuals around United States, itself causes you to feel most lighter and higher,” she said.
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However, her mother was the primary to recognise the matter and immediately request skilled help.
Deepika conjointly expressed that “In my case, I didn’t grasp what i used to be feeling or surfing and fortuitously, it had been my mother who was my caregiver and recognised my symptoms within the early stages. i used to be not feeling actuated any longer, I didn’t grasp why I wasn’t happy in my life and she was the one WHO took Pine Tree State to a counsellor”.
The Bachna Ae Haseeno star also shared her story with the globe created her feel that “a huge weight is off my shoulders”.

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