Kourtney Kardashian responding to rumours about her reconciliation with Younes Bendjima

After the maintaining with the Kardashians star was photographed reuniting with Younes Bendjima for dinner in the week, TMZ according that Kim and Khloé Kardashian believe their sister’s ex tipped paparazzi off regarding the meeting so as to “squeeze out the last drops of his quarter-hour of fame.” The outlet conjointly alleged that Bendjima, 25, oftentimes tipped off photographers to catch sightings of him and Kourtney, 39, throughout their relationship.

Meanwhile, a supply told on Tues that the exes WHO split a couple of month past may be giving their relationship another strive.
“Kourtney and Younes square measure payment time along once more. Things aren’t nevertheless back to what they were before — it’s not an officer relationship,” the supply. “Kourtney invariably likeable him although, and it absolutely was laborious for her to remain away when he reached out.”

Their breakup came as photos surfaced of Bendjima obtaining cozy with another lady in United Mexican States. At the time, he insisted she was simply a lover, and consistent with the supply, Kourtney is taking his word for it.
“He says he ne’er cheated on her, and it appears she believes him,” the supply same. “Kourtney appears pleased with him for currently. however it still looks like they need problems to figure out.”

One of those problems may be tension between Bendjima and Kourtney’s noted family. within the wake of their split, a supply told that the link drove a wedge between Kourtney and her sisters.

The report continued that Kourtney and Younes “stayed within the automobile for many hours as they watched the sun set over the ocean”, and each “appeared to be in somber moods.” They were then pictured in Calabasas moving into N Out Burger at the Drive-Thru, before apparently heading to the gated community in Calabasas wherever Kourtney lives.

This is wherever we have a tendency to get to Kourtney’s comments. consistent with a supply at TMZ, insiders WHO square measure “close to” the maintaining With The Kardashian crew apparently assume Younes staged the get-together and tipped the paparazzi off – one thing that Kim and Khloe assume he did “frequently whereas he dated Kourt”.

The eldest KUWTK denies the claim, though, taking to Twitter to finish off any rumours that the evening was got wind of and also the pictures were staged,
“FAKE NEWS” she merely wrote, quote tweeting from TMZ, “Kardashian Sisters Believe Younes Tipped Off Photogs regarding Kourtney Meet-Up [sic]”.
Alright Kourtney, however are you able to allow us to understand whether or not you and Younes have gotten back along, please?

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