Ayanna Pressley Reacting to Her Historic Massachusetts,To Her Historic Victory Is Everything

Boston City Council member Ayanna Pressley stunned observers Tuesday by defeating long-serving Rep. Mike Capuano in the Democratic primary for the 7th Congressional District in Massachusetts.
With no Republican on the ballot in November’s midterm election, Pressley is currently virtually guaranteed to become the state’s 1st black congressman.
Cameras captured the historic moment Pressley learned of her upset success.

Ayanna Pressley’s success marks another historic moment in what is already been a best year for girls candidates. Even before Tuesday’s results, Pressley was already being named among a gaggle of girls grabbing historic wins, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old newcomer who additionally aghast the planet once she defeated 10-term Democrat Joe Crowley in New York’s Democratic primary back in June. Ocasio-Cortez congratulated Ayanna Pressley on Twitter and announce a selfie of the 2 of them, writing, “Ayanna Pressley  I secured over running whereas perpetually told it’s ‘not our flip,’ that we have a tendency to ‘weren’t prepared,’ ‘good enough,’ or ‘experienced’ enough. we have a tendency to unbroken going anyway.In June, I won my primary. Tonight, she won hers. Here’s to November.”

Ayanna Pressley’s win is another inclination that the future midterm cycle can still favor progressive feminine candidates assail difficult this political landscape (and running kick-ass campaigns). In her success speech on Tues, Ayanna Pressley directed sharp remarks at President Donald Trump, showing the fight and vigor she plans to bring back Washington.
“Our president may be a racist, misogynistic, actually empathy-bankrupt man,” she said. “It is time to indicate Washington, D.C., each my fellow Democrats, WHO I hope can stand with U.S.A. and Republicans who could sub our way…change is returning and also the future belongs to all or any people.”

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