Mike Capuano in Democratic primary in Massachusetts,Ayanna Pressley defeats Dem Rep.

Boston City Council member Ayanna Pressley has unseated 10-term incumbent Rep. Michael Capuano, in a surprise upset in the Massachusetts Democratic primary Tuesday.

Pressley, the primary African-American girl electoral to the capital of Massachusetts council in 2009 was thought-about by several to be associate degree outsider candidate, drawing comparisons to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young democratic socialist WHO appalled the Democratic institution by defeating the big apple Rep. Joe Crowley in his primary in June. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Tuesday night, “Congratulations to my sister in commission, @AyannaPressley, on continued her historic path into Congress tonight. Let’s push along to create health care for All, tuition free faculty, & living wages a reality in America – all while not company political action committee cash.”

Capuano, a tincture of Boston’s white ethnic organisation, was 1st electoral in 1998. He has been a reliable liberal choose the House for nearly twenty years, and may be a old supporter of progressive policies love health care for All. Pressley argued in her campaign that Capuano represents associate degree faction of politics, and it is time for a amendment. The race for Capuano’s seat was less concerning policy problems than illustration – Massachusett’s seventh territory is that the just one within the state with a lot of non-whites than whites.

Capuano was supported by outstanding Massachusetts figures, together with former Gov. Deval patron saint, the state’s 1st black governor. He conjointly had the support of the general assembly Black Caucus. He raised doubly the maximum amount cash as Pressley. However, Pressley had the endorsement of widespread prosecuting attorney General Maura Healey.

Pressley is probably going to become the primary adult female electoral to Congress from Massachusetts in Nov, since there aren’t any Republican candidates within the race.

House legislator urban center Pelosi, WHO given to Capuano’s campaign, thanked him for his long service, before language she looked forward to hospitable Pressley to the caucus. The heavily Democratic district has no danger of falling into Republicans’ hands.
Capuano had no whiff of scandal and contains a nearly excellent progressive vote record.But he hails from associate degree older, a lot of religious school of politics that Pressley same did not cut it any longer within the Donald Trump era.

More significantly, Massachusetts’ seventh territory is that the just one in geographic area wherever racial minorities total whites and Pressley argued she may higher represent the capital of Massachusetts and Cambridge-area district than Capuano, WHO is white.

“It’s not simply ok to envision the Democrats back in power, it matters WHO those Democrats area unit,” Pressley told her own supporters. “While our president may be a racist, misogynistic, actually empathy-bankrupt man, the conditions that have created the seventh CD one in all the foremost unequal in America were cemented through policies created long before he ever descended the escalator at Trump tower.”

With no Republican on November’s ballot for the district, Pressley is almost sure to build history because the 1st black legislator from Massachusetts. Pressley, 44, already stone-broke barriers in 2009 once she became the primary girl of color electoral to the capital of Massachusetts council.
Capuano 1st won his House seat in 1998. The seventh District encompasses most of capital of Massachusetts and far of Cambridge.
Facing an uphill battle against Capuano a poll for radio station WBUR showed her trailing him by 13 percentage points a month ago  Pressley campaigned on the need to change the House’s status quo.

“I’ve been told to attend my flip,” Pressley same at a campaign event earlier this year. “I’ve been known as a traitor for difficult associate degree incumbent, told merely this isn’t the manner things area unit done here.”
But, she added, “When the challenges we tend to area unit confronted with area unit this huge, this deep, and growing, I can’t and that i won’t wait my flip.”

Those rallying to her cause enclosed Ocasio-Cortez, the political newcomer thrust into the national spotlight once she perpendicular veteran Rep. Joe Crowley, a House Democratic leader, in New York’s June twenty six primary. recent from her win, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Vote her in next, Massachusetts,” relating Pressley.
Pressley’s campaign had sent staffers to help Ocasio-Cortez’s get-out-the-vote efforts. And Pressley has known as the New Yorker “my sister in amendment.”

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