Anti-Mueller Playbook going on,and fight with Bob Woodward, from Donald Trump

For President Donald Trump, Bob Woodward presents a similar challenge as Robert Mueller.

The two men area unit veterans of the Washington institution, revered by members of each parties for his or her talent at sussing out hard-won facts. Their personal backgrounds area unit even similar: Bob Woodward, a Yale grad and Navy vet who has spent his career at the Washington Post; Robert Mueller, a Princeton grad and former Marine is devoted to the FBI.

And the fruits of their investigations AN forthcoming book for Woodward, a series of guilty pleas and court verdicts for Mueller — area unit notably inculpative for Trump.

In responding to Woodward’s book, “Fear: President Donald Trump within the White House,” that comes out on Sept. 11, Trump has echoed his 15-month attack on the Special Counsel’s investigation and should be foreshadowing his next moves. there have been denials from loyal aides. A volley of counter accusations that Woodward created up elements of his book. Even an allegation offered while not proof  that Woodward may well be a Democratic Party operative.

Even before Woodward’s book became a subject of dialogue, Donald Trump began his counterattack, increasing his usual criticism of the media last week to incorporate “fake books” that use anonymous sources and area unit “pure fiction.” It is an argument he’s antecedently wont to attack Michael Wolff’s polemical “Fire and Fury.”

White House Chief of employees John F. Kelly oftentimes lost his temper, telling colleagues he thought the president was “unhinged,” in line with Bob Woodward.
In one meeting, Kelly reportedly same Trump was “an changeling,” and it had been “pointless to do to persuade him of something.”
“He’s gone off the rails. We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even recognize why any folks area unit here. this is often the worst job I’ve ever had,” Kelly same, in line with the book.
Woodward, best better-known for his acclaimed reportage on the Watergate scandal at the Post, describes multiple eyebrow-raising anecdotes regarding the Trump White House in “Fear.” you’ll scan the total excerpt here, however a number of the foremost stunning highlights include:

John Dowd, Trump’s lead professional person with the Russia probe, LED a practice for Donald Trump’s potential testimony with special counsel Henry M. Robert Mueller,  is work potential Russian interference within the 2016 election. in line with the book, the president stumbled, contradicted himself and song most throughout the practice that he eventually lost his cool, ranting, “This thing’s a goddamn hoax,” before deciding, “I don’t actually need to testify.”
After Donald Trump same “both sides” at the Charlottesville supremacist rally were guilty for the violence that occurred in August 2017, advisers urged him to create another speech condemnatory white supremacists and neo-Nazis. in line with Woodward, he presently told aides, “That was the most important fucking mistake I’ve made” and also the “worst speech I’ve ever given.”

Bob Woodward additionally compared Trump’s psychosis regarding the Russia investigation as terribly just like former President Richard Nixon’s final days as president. in line with sources, the president was maddened by Mueller’s appointment, speech communication “Everybody’s attempting to urge Maine.”

During a dinner with varied military leaders together with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and info. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the joint chiefs Joint Chiefs of employees Joint Chiefs|executive agency of Staff, Donald Trump incorrectly urged fractional monetary unit. John McCain (R-Ariz.) ignoble took advantage of his father’s military rating to urge early unharness from a prisoner-of-war camp in Vietnam. once Mattis corrected his boss, Trump simply replied, “Oh, okay.”
Donald Trump reportedly mocked professional person General Jeff Sessions’ accent, saying, “This guy is people. He’s this dumb American.  He couldn’t even be a one-woman country professional down in Alabama.”

Sperling then emailed Woodward and foreseen he “will regret staking out that claim” — a quote that conservative commentators depicted as a threat (even tho’ Sperling same it within the context of apologizing to Woodward for raising his voice).

Is Donald Trump’s recent statement additional of an “attack” on Bob Woodward than once Donald Trump in person told Woodward by phone (months before the book came out) that his book was inaccurate as a result of it didn’t portray him because the best president ever, then defendant Woodward of getting had “a heap of quality problems”? That’s a matter for 2018 Donald Trump and 2013 Donald Trump to talk of.

As much fun because the find-the-old-Donald Trump-tweet game is, though, Donald Trump in all probability can go away with offensive Bob Woodward. He’s gotten away with offensive just about each alternative publication ANd journalist who’s gotten enough insight and access into the Donald Trump White House to reveal what an absolute shambles the regular management of it’s, and the way impetuous and capricious the president will be.

As appealing because it may well be to believe that Bob Woodward’s Watergate scandal record can provide him additional quality with voters than everything else we all know regarding however Trump makes selections, the publication of Woodward’s book — within the absence of action from Republicans in Congress (or, in theory, inside the Cabinet)  won’t mechanically create Donald Trump any less of a president of the us.

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