Folks Are Angry Over ‘job-shaming’ of ex-‘Cosby Show’ star who is now packing groceries

Early In “The Cosby Show” ended in 1992, actor Geoffrey Owens played the character Elvin Tibideaux on NBC’s hit comedy series for five seasons. He’s continued working through the years as an actor but, as is the case in most creative industries, actors often do many other jobs to make ends meet. This is not news.
Several retailers revealed the images, among them Fox News and also the Daily Mail, speech communication that he was ‘spotted’ whereas doing his second job at a branch of Traders Joe’s in Clifton, New Jersey.

The Mail quoted client fate Lawrence,  took the images, saying: “It created Maine feel extremely dangerous. I was like, ‘Wow, all those years of doing the show and you complete up as a cashier’.”
But the retailers have return vulnerable for printing the images, defendant of ‘shaming’ him for operating in a very grocery, with a number of actors and alternative amusement business figures complimentary Owens.

Brooklyn-born Owens,  is that the son of a former representative and graduated with honours from Yale University, still works frequently as associate actor, having recently appeared in episodes of Elementary, Lucifer, Blue Bloods and It’s forever Sunny In Philadelphia.

People from all walks of life, across the political spectrum (including conservative actor James Woods and third house exponent Dana Loesch), came to Owens’ defense on social media, slamming Fox News and Daily Mail for the slants on their stories.

Some additionally took note of the distinction between Owens’ state of affairs which of the star of the show that created him a celeb, Bill Cosby,  faces sentencing later this month on crime convictions stemming from a regulatory offense.

Owens, 57, graduated worthy from Yale University in 1983 and frequently teaches playwright within the ny and New Jersey space. He’s created appearances on shows resembling “It’s forever Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Lucifer” and “Elementary.”

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