10 injured, some ‘2 in extremely serious condition’ dice game in San Bernardino shooting

At least ten individuals are out of action when associate long shooting in San Bernardino, California, police same, adding that 3 of them area unit in “extremely serious” condition.
The incident materialized in associate housing advanced at 1277 E. Lynwood Drive on Sunday night, per San Bernardino Police Capt. wealthy Lawhead, as cited by native media.

Initial reports from Sunday night were that ten individuals were shot and 3 were in very important condition. However, when gathering data, police updated their numbers Monday morning.

Witnesses and victims are tight-lipped regarding the incident that erupted around 10:45 p.m. throughout a dice game at associate housing advanced at 1277 E. Lynwood Drive, north of the 210 pike and east of worker Avenue, officers same.

The investigation was in its early stages, exploit several queries unreciprocated, Lawhead same.
The shooting started once somebody showed up to the gathering, Lawhead same, however it absolutely was unclear if it absolutely was directly concerning the sport itself.
No one had been in remission as of early Monday.
Descriptions of the suspects were restricted, and there wasn’t any vehicle description. No firearms had been recovered.

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