Sinead McNamara Australian model found dead on billionaire’s superyacht in Greece

TWO weeks before a Sydney model was found dead on a billionaire’s superyacht in Balkan country, she denote a cryptic message to Instagram.

My head is everywhere the search these days,” Sinead McNamara wrote, beside emojis of a volcano, a tornado and a needle with blood dripping from it.

Sharing a picture of herself on a quad bike, she added: “Take ME back to the current wherever my solely worry wasn’t cracking my bone open.”

The chilling post has emerged beside new details concerning Ms McNamara’s mysterious death on board a billionaire’s superyacht — and that they raise additional queries than answers.

The 20-year-old had been functioning on the Mayan Queen IV for the past four months before her overtime on weekday.

The luxurious US$140 million, 92-metre yacht is in hand by Mexican mining business leader Alberto Baillères, World Health Organization is price AN calculable AU$9.6 billion.

According to native media, Mr Bailleres left the yacht, that was anchored off the island of Kefalonia, on weekday — going away Ms McNamara alone with the crew. Her body was reportedly found on the rear of the boat 2 days later.

They same AN investigation into the overtime of 20-year-old Sinead McNamara was launched over the weekend. The coast guard has ordered the Mayan Queen IV yacht to stay docked at the port of Argostoli, on the Hellene island of Kefalonia, for the course of the probe.

Authorities contacted by the days same initial proof pointed to the chance of suicide once a trained worker found Ms McNamara hanging on the rear deck of the yacht, that is in hand by the Mexican enterpriser Alberto Bailleres.

“By the appearance of it, she took her life,” a senior officer with data of the investigation same.…

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