Emmy Rossum announces unexpected exit from ‘Shameless’After 9 Seasons

After 9 seasons on Showtime’s acclaimed unblushing, star award Rossum is walking away.
In a Facebook post created earlier this afternoon,Emmy Rossum proclaimed her exit, bid farewell to her side Chicago family, mirrored on her upbringing, talked regarding Malcolm Gladwell, and even alluded to a potential come back…
However, she didn’t provides a reason for the departure.

Rossum signs off her note, saying, “I apprehend you’ll continue on while not ME, for now. there’s far more Gallagher story to be told. i will be able to forever be maturation for my family. attempt to not think about ME as gone, simply think about ME as moving down the block.”
Based on that, unblushing can probably continue on while not its central star. however viewers are left with an enormous Fiona-sized hole in their hearts… and a mountain of queries.

How can Fiona exit the show? can she simply run away? Is she planning to college? starting up with Ford to Ireland? Dying?!
Who are the new family leader? Lip? Ian? Debbie? Frank? Carl? … Liam?
What will happen to Fiona’s living accommodations complex? and therefore the custody of her siblings?
Most importantly: can they finally amendment the title sequence? Cause Jimmy’s butt continues to be in it!
There’s lots to delineated for everybody involved—especially on Showtime’s finish.
Viewers will begin obtaining trapped with the premiere of Season nine, that Rossum is showing in. Airing in 2 components, new episodes of unblushing begin rolling out Sep ninth. the remainder can follow in Gregorian calendar month 2019.

In 2016, Rossum created headlines once she refused to register for the beginning drama’s eighth season unless she was offered quite Macy to create up for the seven years she was paid considerably less. Days later, the Golden Globe-nominated thespian and Warner Bros. came to terms on a brand new contract.

After Rossum announce her announcement, producers and executives discharged statements desire her well.

“Emmy Rossum can forever be a part of the unblushing family. She has been integral to the show’s success, from her wondrous portrayal of Fiona to her leadership role on set, yet as directive multiple episodes of the series. we tend to area unit arduous at work currently making a season 9 finale for unblushing that we tend to hope can offer a Gallagher-worthy sendoff for Fiona that honors the good work award has done,” govt producer and showrunner John Wells same. “It is usually bittersweet once associate degree ensemble member decides to maneuver out of the proverbial house, however our door can forever stay open for Fiona to come back home for a visit, or to maneuver back in. I anticipate to continued the stories of this wildly unpredictable family and every one folks on unblushing can miss award and her wondrous Fiona.”

“We were saddened once award Rossum allow us to apprehend that the approaching ninth season of unblushing would be her last. however we tend to area unit full of an amazing sense of joy and feeling for Emmy’s galvanized work on our series, after all before of the camera however additionally behind it,” same Gary Levine, beginning Networks president of programming. “Fiona Gallagher can forever be one amongst Showtime’s picture characters, and that we applaud award for delivery this character to life in such a natural, touching and fearless performance. On behalf of everybody at beginning and her many fans, we tend to many thanks Emmy!”

Added Warner Bros. Television: “For eight years and quite a hundred episodes, award Rossum has delivered a deeply honest, authentic and fearless portrayal of Fiona Gallagher, one amongst television’s nice characters. we tend to want her all the simplest as she explores subsequent chapter in her career. however before that, we tend to area unit excited for fans of unblushing to envision award and therefore the entire ensemble forged continue the adventures of the Gallagher family within the show’s approaching ninth season.”

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