Marco Rubio’s New Paid Leave Bill Threatens The Very Idea Of Social Security, Report Finds

Today, over forty million individuals within the U.S. sleep in financial condition. several become poor thanks to health problem and caregiving responsibilities. That’s why paid family and medical leave could be a important anti-poverty live.

Last week, legislator Marco Rubio (R-FL) projected the Economic Security for brand new oldsters Act, speech he needs to deal with the paid leave crisis facing low-income families. Rubio claims his bill can “allow oldsters to use their own (retirement) edges to pay longer being concerned within the lives of their youngsters at Associate in Nursing early age.” however that’s not the reality. In reality, the bill would create low-income employees gamble with their retirement security.

Low-income families ar forced to create not possible decisions between caring for a love and obtaining a payroll check. Over ninety six % of terribly low-wage employees, particularly Black and Latino employees, don’t have any access to paid family and medical leave. once these employees create the selection to worry for a replacement kid, a love, or themselves, they pay a steep price—losing financial gain or perhaps their jobs. They conjointly delay or forgo necessary medical or preventative services.

Rubio’s bill would do nothing to assist low-income families access purposeful paid family and medical leave. First, the proposal excludes most employees and their desires, since it solely provides paid parental leave. Over seventy % of the leaves taken underneath the Family and Medical Leave Act ar for broader family caregiving. that features individuals ill from their own health problem or caring for a seriously unwell kid, significant other or parent.

Second, the proposal would need employees to borrow from their future Social Security edges to obtain parental leave. This isn’t “borrowing.” as a result of it forces employees to shelve receiving their Social Security edges, it’s effectively a profit cut. because it stands, most families don’t have any retirement savings and Social Security remains the first supply of retirement financial gain. Social Security cuts would undermine the long economic security of low-income employees and their families.

The bill conjointly raises basic questions on Social Security itself, note the report’s authors. The program was designed as a social welfare program to gird Americans against the monetary risks of adulthood and has been remarkably triple-crown at keeping the aged out of financial condition.

Rubio’s bill would rework Social Security from necessary social welfare to primarily a forced bank account, the report’s authors warn ― which is exactly how Rubio has painted it.

The Rubio bill is sculptural on a thought that the ultra-conservative freelance Women’s Forum projected in Feb. Such a proposal “could have long benefits in reshaping however the general public worries government and public safety nets,” wrote Carrie Lukas, the group’s director of the freelance Women’s Forum.

The u. s. is one in every of solely a couple of countries that don’t supply some reasonably paid maternity leave profit to ladies, and it’s the sole developed country with no paid leave. Polling shows wide and growing nonpartizan support for dynamic this. whereas Democrats and progressives have long been pushed for paid parental leave, Rubio’s bill is that the initial serious proposal from a Republican politician.

Progressive advocates have wide criticized the proposal not solely as a result of it raids retirement savings to fund another crucial profit, however as a result of it conjointly fails to hide the overwhelming majority of individuals United Nations agency would like paid family leave for reasons save for the birth or adoption of a replacement kid.

Seventy percent of those who currently take unpaid leave through the federal Family and Medical Leave Act do so to care for a sick family member ― including children ― or tend to their own illness. that sort of leave is roofed within the six states that have paid leave policies kind of like the model Democrats have projected at the federal level.

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