Azealia Banks sharing crazy screenshots of Grimes’ Texts Disproving Elon Musk

As a part of the evolving feud between Azealia Banks, Grimes, and Elon Musk, the rapper has announce screenshots of her speech communication with Grimes to her Instagram story.

The texts reveal that Grimes reportedly told Banks that Musk “got into weed owing to me” which he rounded up his Tesla stocks to $420 “for a laugh” and “now the sec is work him for fraud.”

The plot thickens within the freaky Azealia Banks/Grimes/Elon Musk saga!
Azealia Banks has announce screenshots of her text messages with Grimes on her Instagram Story.

But Banks has currently tried to hit back at Musk’s claims by posting a series of screenshots on Instagram – that seem to reveal her unconventional exchanges with Grimes.
In the messages, Grimes tells Banks that Musk “has a pretend created up accent” and a “giant dick”.
She conjointly claims that he “got into weed cuz of me”.
“He simply got into weed cuz of Pine Tree State and he’s super diverted by 420”, she claimed.

Later on, the messages appear to require a additional joyous tone as Banks tells Grimes that she may be a “very fierce guardian of kids and that i will see them within the invisible world”.
In response, Grimes says the try ought to notice Banks a lover so that they are often pregnant along.
Meanwhile, Grimes has conjointly been collaboration with Youtube sensation flower on her approaching album.

Speaking to NME, flower disclosed that one song is regarding ‘destruction’ and another is regarding ‘power’.
“She followed Pine Tree State on Twitter, then I sent her a message and same ‘hi, I like you,” same flower. “We ought to build a song together’. Then we tend to created a handful of songs along truly. She’s extremely gifted.

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