Lisa Marie Presley wins battle with ex-husband Michael Lockwood as judge rules he’s not entitled to spousal support

Lisa Marie Presley has been battling her unloved ex-fourth husband Michael Lockwood in court for the past 2 years and eventually, her determination has paid off.

Lisa Marie Presley won’t be paying Michael Lockwood the crazy quantity of spousal support that he has been fighting her for, in fact, he’s receiving specifically zero dollars! consistent with TMZ, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood’s 2007 prenup is ironclad and Michael Lockwood wittingly signed away his right to spousal support.
As antecedently rumored, Lisa Marie testified in court last week that she felt she had no obligation to Lockwood as a result of, one, he signed the prenup stating that he, or, Lisa Marie would get spousal support if the wedding ended…And 2, Lisa Marie claims Michael virtually scarf countless bucks from her by creating purchases on her credit cards while not her information.

Lockwood’s lawyer place an honest fight, however, in the end, the decide dominated in favor of Presley. Now, in the end of those months of court battles, hopefully, Lisa Marie Presley can take the chance to start afresh and set her life back on the proper track once and for all.

It has not been simple growing up because the solely kid of the legendary individual, the late rock star. Over the years, Lisa Marie has battled variety of attempting and troublesome times. very similar to her father, rock star, Lisa Marie has fought a protracted laborious struggle with addiction. She has reportedly overcome her addiction problems once several unsuccessful rehab stints.

Lisa, is additionally substantially like her father once it involves mishandling her finances over the years and reportedly mistrusting the incorrect folks. However, consistent with Lisa Marie Presley, she currently features a heap of irons within the fireplace which can hopefully aid in obtaining her life back so as.

They married in Japan in 2006 then found out the post-nuptial agreement the year before Presley gave birth to their twin daughters, United Nations agency ar currently nine years previous.

Presley filed for divorce in 2016.

Testifying at the bench trial last week, Lockwood aforesaid he’s a musician United Nations agency can’t “wrap (his) head around” legal language, consistent with a town News Service story within the la Daily News.

“Had I browse this, I wouldn’t have signed it,” Lockwood aforesaid whereas observing one in all the documents throughout questioning by Presley’s lawyer, metropolis Fishbein. “I suppose it’s unfair.”

Presley reportedly claimed in court that Lockwood ran up an enormous mastercard debt throughout their relationship, presumably topping $1 million.

She testified she paid spousal support to her 1st husband, Danny Keough, however to not her future spouses vocalizer and Nicolas Cage.

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