Prime Minister Imran Khan shares his vision of ‘New Pakistan’ in First address to the Pakistani nation

As the nation was glued to their TV screens, Prime Minister Imran Khan chalked out his government’s strategy to rework Islamic Republic of Pakistan into Associate in Nursing ‘Islamic welfare state’ in his inaugural to the state when assumptive charge of the country’s prime workplace.

The address started with the recitation of Holy al-Qur’an and also the anthem of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“I convey my staff United Nations agency are with ME since twenty two years during this ‘jihad’,” aforesaid Khan. Following the footsteps of my role models Quaid-e-Azam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH, my aim would be to form this country what it had been purported to be, he added.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief paid tribute to his party staff United Nations agency supported and backed him once nobody else was able to do.

Commenting on the country’s current scenario, the premier aforesaid debts square measure rising and human development index of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is showing a downward trend consistent with the UNDP report.

“We square measure from the state wherever new born babies and ladies still die at the time of birth. Over forty fifth youngsters in Islamic Republic of Pakistan die because of deficiency disease.

“I am telling you this as a result of we are going to attempt to amendment all of this.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid the prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan enjoys 524 servants, eighty cars and thirty three bullet-proof cars, cost accounting Rs50 million every despite being a poor country.

“On one hand, there’s a poor nation and on the opposite there’s this ruling elite. They live just like the British after they settled US.”

He aforesaid Islamic Republic of Pakistan goes through the foremost severe depression, adding that the country’s debt has surpassed Rs28,000 billion. “Rs650 million were spent on PM’s foreign journeys. The National Assembly speaker contains a budget of Rs160 million, out of that he spends Rs80 million on foreign journeys.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid over twenty million youngsters don’t seem to be aiming to faculties within the country. “Pakistan is seventh on the list of nations which is able to suffer the foremost from heating.”

The premier said: “We have to be compelled to rethink our approach and also the manner we tend to live. The country cannot progress if it keeps heading the manner it’s. Countries of the West solely developed after they started following the principles arranged down by the Holy Prophet PBUH.”

He aforesaid the country is indebted to throat at one finish, and on the opposite is that the extravagant style of our rulers.

Khan aforesaid none of his governors can reside within the governor homes. “We’ll build Associate in Nursing elite university within the Prime Minister House wherever analysis are going to be done.”

PM Imran flatly dominated out living within the Prime Minister House and vowed to make a high-profile university at the premises. He conjointly declared to auction luxury vehicles of the Prime Minister  house and place the cash into the national kitty.

A task force would be created below Dr Ishrat Hussain, which is able to advocate self-denial measures that may be adopted by the govt..

“We can got to impede our expenses,” aforesaid the newly-elected premier, stressing that taking loans and aides from alternative countries was one thing the govt. can got to learn to measure while not.

The former cricket legend declared to use solely 2 cars, and board a three-bed lodging and have solely 2 servants because the prime minister. “I cannot live at Bani Gala because of security considerations,” he added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid that self-denial would be practiced in any respect CM and governor homes of the country.

“When a pacesetter begs for cash, a nation loses its respect … we are going to got to become a good nation by giving sacrifices, not solicitation.”

The prime minister aforesaid that solely zero.8 million of the two hundred million folks pay taxes within the country. “The country cannot progress like this … FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has to be reformed,” he added.

He aforesaid another task force is being fashioned to recover cash that’s being laundered out of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “Never vote for a party whose leader has wealth stacked abroad,” he added.

Stressing have to be compelled to increase exports, the prime minister aforesaid the govt. would facilitate industries during this regard. “Small industries square measure the backbone of any country and that we can produce ease for them to try to to business within the country.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid the Prime Minister Secretariat would have Associate in Nursing workplace to upset issues featured by investors. “We have to be compelled to uplift small-scale industries.”

He aforesaid Pakistan’s embassies would be tasked to facilitate overseas Pakistanis, and unleash Pakistani inmates languishing in prisons across the globe. “We would produce investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis … {we will|we’ll|we square measure going to} contact our embassies to inform US what number of our voters are bolted up abroad and for what crimes.”

Commenting over eradicating corruption from the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid no country will progress wherever corruption is rampant. “We can strengthen the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) … we are going to pass the Whistle-blower Act like we tend to did in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.”

Speaking concerning not appointing an internal minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid he’s keeping the portfolio of Ministry of Interior. “In order to reform the justice system for the plenty, i’ll meet with the magistrate of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

He aforesaid that close at hand cases should not prolong for over a year. “Many widows have come back to ME whose lands are illicitly quarantined from them. i’d request the CJP (Chief Justice of Pakistan) to resolve their cases at the earliest.”

The prime minister declared that former law officer Nasir Durrani are going to be appointed as Associate in Nursing consultant to reform the force in geographic region.

Speaking concerning rampant maltreatment cases within the society, he aforesaid his government would come back down exhausting on culprits in maltreatment cases. “The salaried category sacrifice heaps to make sure their youngsters get a good education from personal faculties because the public faculties square measure in abysmal conditions. we tend to conjointly have to be compelled to raise the standards at seminaries, therefore pupil at madrassahs also can have higher opportunities in life.”

Commenting over abysmal condition of the health sector, PM Imran declared that his government would issue ‘Health Card’ to each national throughout Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “A task force has been created to reform government hospitals. insurance of Rs500,000 would tend to every Pakistani.”

Speaking on severe water crises, Khan aforesaid while not building Diamer-Bhasha dam the country wouldn’t overcome the crises. He conjointly spoke concerning making certain ease to farmers.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief went on to mention that government officials reforms would even be introduced within the country. “Right to services Act would be introduced like we tend to did in K-P … through the Act, bonuses and penalties would tend to civil servants.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan conjointly declared to grant interest-free loans to the youth so that they will invest in businesses. “We can build parks and playgrounds and plant billions of trees throughout Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” he terminated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was ab initio scheduled to handle the state at 8pm, however, Islamic Republic of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) advocator Fawad Chaudhry declared on Twitter that the former’s address would be airy at 9:30pm.

PTI’s political leader for the post of president Dr Arif Alvi had conjointly shed lightweight on Khan’s speech earlier within the day, speech the prime minister would sketch a road map these days and would elaborate on “our future strategy. Hopefully, he would abide by all guarantees that he has created to the general public.”

Earlier within the day, the chairman of ruling Islamic Republic of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) conjointly immersed a parliamentary meeting to debate presidential elections and alternative key matters.

The meeting was attended by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders as well as senators, members of national and provincial assemblies and coalition partners.

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